Last Week of Our Regular Season

Our 2015-2016 dance season is almost over! We have one more week of regular sessions at both our Wednesday and Thursday clubs. On Wednesday, we will be finishing with “Pink Panther”, a foxtrot/jive combo choreographed by our own John Mowle. On Thursday, Donna will be continuing her bolero clinic with continued emphasis on rise and fall and a new figure for a new dance which should be a “cue and do” for our Thursday crew.
Beyond this week, we will still have 2 more weeks of dancing with JL and Linda Pelton, cuer/instructors from Dallas, Texas coming in on May 11 and 12 for teaches on both days! The teaches have been chosen as something which can be done at both clubs. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend both days. At $5/person for both days, what is not to like! Remember, after Thursdays session, we will be having a group potluck lunch. Sign up to bring your special potluck creation. What a great way to end out those two days! We look forward to JL and Linda’s arrival to our beautiful city and also to join us at our club. This type of opportunity is a rarity, so please take advantage of it!
Our Black and White Ball will be on Wednesday, May 18 which is the official last dance of our dance season. All dancing and no teaches. Come and mark the occasion in your top hat and tails men, or your little black dress ladies. Something black and white at any rate. We will dance, socialize, enjoy refreshments and have a very short business meeting to clear up year end loose ends.
There is still more dancing in the works for these next 3 weeks. We hope you can make it out!