We’re Celebrating Valentine’s This Week!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Capital Carousels, never being without a reason to celebrate will be doing just that this week. Pat has structured the programs to feature lots of love songs! We encourage everyone to come dressed up in something red to celebrate the holiday. I am sure we will also have treats to match so be prepared to enjoy something festive and sweet this week. We will still be having our regular teach time and I understand some review on both days of our foxtrot figures will be going on so get your partner! Let’s trip the light fantastic for this special salute to Valentine’s Day!
We have been fortunate this winter with milder than usual temperatures. We’ve been lucky so far with no cancellations as a club. Unfortunately we have had some of our dancers who have had to cancel dancing due to illness, travel distance from us here in Ottawa, or away to far away lands. I would just like to say that we miss all of our dancing family. If you are away due to illness, please know you are thought of and we all wish you speedy recoveries. For those of you away from us due to distance, we do understand that winter being unpredictable in nature ,is not always worth the risk. We will look forward to seeing you later this spring. For those of our friends who flap their wings and go somewhere warmer for the winter, we think of you as well and so glad we can keep you in the loop with our website here. We also look forward to seeing you in the spring as well.
Pat has a jam packed agenda for us from now through the end of the season. Lots to learn and lots of dancing ahead for Capital Carousels. Get your dance shoes! We’ll be dancing on air with hearts all aflutter for Valentine’s Day this week!